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 Letters to the Press

Index of Public Letters by Alastair McIntosh    

Writing to the press is thought a bit "infra dig" by some, but to me it tests and places ideas in an exposed public domain - a kind of democratised peer review that reaches out more widely than articles in specialist journals.  Dates shown are date of publication and only published letters are posted here. The Herald, for those not familiar with our media, is the former Glasgow Herald, one of Scotland's two newspapers of record. (Owing to the decline in newspaper usage, I have been doing less by way of letter writing in recent years and more using Twitter (@alastairmci) and guest blogs for commenting on current issues.)


Chronological Index with Subject Description



Stornoway Gazette, 28 June 2018, Imagine Life Without the Interconnector (Lewis wind farm debate)


West Highland Free Press, 17 July 2015, Support as a "critical friend" towards Professor Macleod


West Highland Free Press, 29 May 2015, Solidarity with Muslim communities


The Herald, 23 June 2014, Lost lexicon of piety recovered (Carmichael Watson UNESCO)


The Friend, 11 April 2014, Religious views on copyright


Scotland on Sunday, 30 March 2014, Political cartoon caricaturisation


West Highland Free Press, 14 June 2013, The furrowed brows of damaged youth


The Stornoway Gazette, 20 Sept 2012, Wind farm interconnecter from Lewis


West Highland Free Press, 2 Dec 2011, In defence of Reverend Kenneth Macleod


West Highland Free Press, 8 July 2011, Gay ordination and the use of Scripture


The Herald, 11 June 2011, Strathclyde University cuts and the Democratic Intellectual Tradition


The Herald, 9 November 2009, the play - Jesus, Queen of Heaven


West Highland Free Press, 23 Oct 2009, crofting tenure, Clare Island proprietorship & Nobel Economics


West Highland Free Press, 11 Sept 2009, on local food security and croft land speculation


Stornoway Gazette, 2 July 2009, on Weston Price's 1930s Hebridean Dental & Nutrition Study


Stornoway Gazette, 28 February 2008, on Hebridean indigenous belonging


The Scotsman, 7 November 2007, on feminism, Bhrighde, and Scotland's winter festival


The Herald, 20 August 2007, on the Schucksmith Committee of Inquiry on Crofting


The Herald, 23 July 2007, a speech for the Prime Minister on climate change and the English floods


Stornoway Gazette, 1 February 2007, on opposition for Lewis wind farms where not in control of communities


The Herald, 31 January 2007, on the need for Lewis's renewable energy to be on a community scale


The Herald, 26 December 2006, on Tunnock's charitable giving


The Herald, 24 July 2006, Joint letter with Bashir Maan on Abrahamic faith exegesis


Stornoway Gazette, 15 June 2006, Riposte on energy issues letter     


Stornoway Gazette, 1 June 2006, Living within our energy means - windfarms and community


The Herald, 12 April 2006, Sunday ferry sailings, community and Hebridean religious rights


The Herald, 31 Mar 2006, Land speculation, reform, and the CKD Galbraith report claims


The Herald, 6 Feb 2006, Tony Blair's heresy, Iran, and Britain's constitutional theocracy


The Herald, 6 Feb 2006, Debt as usury - the canonisation of avarice


West Highland Free Press, 13 Jan 2006, Crofting law, land reform, and the mandarins


The Herald, 28 Nov 2005, Stopping torture flights through Scottish airports


The Herald, 23 Nov 2005, Nuclear power and nuclear weapons


The Herald, 8 Aug 2005, Multiculturalism, holiness & fascist identity


The Herald, 14 July 2005, The London bombings, neocolonialism & empathy


The Herald, 14 April 2005, Duty Free as an airport security inconsistency

The Herald, 18 Mar 2005, Reconciling English identity in Scotland

The Herald, 16 Mar 2005, The tragedy of mainstream English identity

The Herald, 25 Feb 2005, Jeremiah and today's Middle East crisis

The Herald, 22 Feb 2005, John Bell's Radio 4 "Thought for the Day"

The Herald, 11 Feb 2005, The tsunami, the Devil, and process theology

The Herald, 1 Dec 2004, Land reform, planning & affordable rural social housing

Stornoway Gazette, 1 July 2004, Windfarms on Lewis

The Herald, 6 June 2004, The origins of violence in childhood

The Herald, 24 May 2004, GalGael on Scotland's Cultural Policy Statement

The Sunday Herald, 11 April 04, Acknowledgement of unsung superquarry actors

The Herald, 6 April 04, Transmogrification and the housing land question

The Herald, 6 April 04, Provision of affordable rural housing

The Herald, 24 March 04, The exoneration of the "Glasgow Two" - T C Campbell

The Herald, 27 Feb 04, Insight into Attorney General's counsel on legality of Iraq War

The Herald, 14 Feb 04, Cameos of strong but inclusive Scottish identity

The Herald, 23 Jan 04, Opera, traditional music and cultural imperialism

Stornoway Gazette, 6 Nov 03, Tribute to the late Alan Whiteford

The Herald, 8 Oct 03, on mutual respect between incomers and locals

The Hebridean, 25 Sept 03, on wind turbine foundations and site restoration

The Herald, 9 Sept 03, on British immigration policy and Scots Internationalism

The Herald, 27-6-03, on "Campbellism" and the Sioux - caricature and cultural reconciliation

The Herald, 18-4-03, on culture, "race" and belonging in Scotland

The Herald, 15-4-03, on Scotland, Gaelic culture and racism

The Herald, 11-4-03, on Saddam and the West's colonial legacy

The Herald, 24-3-03, on Dr Johnson's take (1773) on war with Iraq

The Herald, 14-2-03, on Scottish Church leadership and war with Iraq

The Herald, 6-2-03, on the leadership of the Conservative Party

The Herald, 23-1-03 on the constitutionality of war with Iraq

The Herald, 14-9-02, on media independence and the sale of The Herald

Stornoway Gazette, 5-9-02, on the Hebridean Sabbath and community cohesion

The Herald, 4-9-02, on Brian Quail, breastfeeding, and Trident nuclear submarines

The Herald, 12-7-02, on returning Eigg's Old Master, The Lamentation

The Herald, 7-2-02 on Lord Prosser's wigless Trident ruling

The Big Issue in Scotland, 2-5-02, Christian-Muslim open Letter to Tony Blair

The Herald, 18-3-02, on Rabbi Tobias' criticism of Ariel Sharon's policies

The Herald, 14-3-02, on Biblical history of Palestinian "slow holocaust"

The Herald, 9-2-02, on Trident submarines, fox hunting and the "Rural Rebels"

The Herald, 6-2-02, on land reform, land gifts and landowner-community relations

The Herald, 1-12-01, on the introduction of the Land Reform (Scotland) Bill

The Scotsman, 9-10-01, on "Just War" comparisons between Qu'ran and Bible

The Herald, 15-2-01, on Faslane blockade and Gulf War media manipulation

The Herald, 9-2-01, on Trident nuclear submarines as treasonable

The Scotsman, 7-11-00, on Scottish Executive's superquarry rejection

The Herald, 6-11-00, on Scottish Executive's superquarry rejection

West Highland Free Press, 27-10-00, on privatisation of the seabed

The Scotsman, 25-10-00, on Lord Hardie and Lafarge Redland "human" rights

The Stornoway Gazette, 21-9-00, on Lafarge Redland and the nuclear waste dumping issue

The Herald, 18-9-00, on constitutional implications of Redland's human rights lawsuit

The Herald, 3-8-00, on Lafarge Redland  funding of superquarry supporters' group

West Highland Free Press, 28-7-00, on people & conservation in Harris

The Herald, 25-7-00, answering Ian Mitchell (Islay) & Lord MacKay on eagles and social cohesion

Sunday Herald, 23-7-00, on need for Harris people to control conservation status

The Scotsman, 17-7-00, on superquarry background

The Herald, 15-7-00, on significance of SAC conservation designation for Harris

The Herald, 12-7-00, on the Crown Office and the "Glasgow Two"

The Herald, 6-6-00, on contesting ballot claims about Harris superquarry opinion

The Herald, 1-6-00, on Keynes and the Biblical injunction against usury

The Herald, 4-5-00, on Section 28 and sex education in schools

The Herald, 17-4-00, on Christianity and sexual toleration

The Herald, 4-4-00, on Scots constitutional theology of the public interest in feudal land

The Herald, 31-3-00, on globalisation, factory farming and the agriculture crisis

The Herald, 3-2-00, on agricultural history and its insights for a sustainable industry

Stornoway Gazette, 13-1-00, on Mammon, Moloch, and the Harris Superquarry

The Herald, 30-11-99, on land reform, Community of the Realm and constitutional law

The Herald, 8-11-99, on the Act of Settlement and the Scots Constitution

West Highland Free Press, 29-10-99, challenging Ian Wilson to come clean on Durness

The Herald, c. 28-2-99, on "just war" theology and the Kosovo War

The Herald, 5-3-99, Monsanto admit subjecting public to uninsurable risk

Stornoway Gazette, 3-4-97, colonial destruction of Gaelic cultural identity


Note - the above letters are presently spread over 3 web pages as follows:


a) Letters 1999 - 2000  


b) Letters  2001 - 2003


c) Letters 2004 onwards



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As the publisher's editing process means that some parts may have been cut, altered or corrected after it left my hands, or I might have made minor subsequent amendments, please specify in citation “internet version from www.AlastairMcIntosh.com as well as citing the place of first publication. Note that author particulars, including contact address(es) and organisational affiliations may have changed since first publication.  


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