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 5. Alastair McIntosh - Land Reform


Classified Index of Articles on Land Reform (including Isle of Eigg)


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332. 2024, A Sermon to the English on Land Reform, Dark Mountain, Issue 25, special issue on "the land", April.


324. 2023, A Potential Model for Community Empowerment – the Silver Standard, a briefing paper for NatureScot (SNH) invited for the Community Empowerment & Green Finance workshop (Aug 2023). See also the earlier main "natural capital" paper.


321. 2023, The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Carbon: Natural Capital, the Private Finance Investment Pilot and Scotland’s Land Reform, a discussion paper commissioned by Community Land Scotland with a Foreword by Ailsa Raeburn, 76 pp., May 18. Go direct to main paper here and to subsequent "silver standard" paper for NatureScot (SNH), here.


319. 2023, The Dick Balharry Memorial Talk 2023: 'Land Reform, Access, and the Renewal of Relationship', Ramblers Scotland, with appended notes 'Outdoor Access in Scotland: on the Celtic Tradition' by Rennie McOwan from 1994. Video of my talk here.


315, 2023, The Question of Community and 'Rewilding', Bella Caledonia, 31 January. PDF version here.


308. 2022, How the 'People's Republic of Eigg' lit a fire under land reform in Scotland, The National, 10 April. PDF version here.


302. 2021, 'I've never known you be so bad before' - Land, Community and Climate Change, The Angus Macleod Memorial Lecture 2021, Islands Book Trust. Alternatively, view lecture Lecture Video, starting 9 mins in, delivered at the Kinloch Community Hub, Balallan, Isle of Lewis, 21 Oct.


290. 2019, Papua Visitors Feast at Croirgerraidh, Lochs News, Issue 17, August, p. 6.


289. 2019, Report of West Papua Province study tour to Hebrides, July.


282. 2018, Obituary of Tom Forsyth of Scoraig - Crofter and Pioneer of Eigg Land Reform, The Herald, 31 August, p. 22 (link to the newspaper's online version here).


281. 2018, Keynote Address for the 25th Anniversary of the Assynt Crofters' Trust, The Assynt Crofters' Trust, Stoer, Sutherland, 2 July (pdf of original posting on their website).


280. 2018, Imagine Life Without the Interconnector: We can take back control (Isle of Lewis wind farm debate), The Stornoway Gazette 28 June and expanded version as a guest on Katie Laing's blog 30 June, see at that link.


273, 2017, Promised Land: Why Ulva? Why Land Reform?, Bella Caledonia supplement in The National, 2 December, pp. 1-7. Also on Bella's website here.


271, 2017, Some Contributions of Geopoetics to Modern Scottish Land Consciousness, Scottish Centre for Geopoetics, Conference proceedings "Expressing the Earth", Seil Island, Scotland; PDF copy of web publication.


270, 2017, "Foreword" to Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust land reform 20th anniversary brochure, Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust, pp. 1-2.


260, 2016, Poacher's Pilgrimage: an Island Journey, Birlinn, Edinburgh, hardback, ISBN 978 178027 361 7, £20, 339 pp. + xxi.


259, 2016,  "Quando o Bolso Enche e o Espírito se Esvazia" - Interview by the Brazilian Jesuit agricultural journal (Portuguese with English version at the back), IHU: Instituto Humanitas Unisinos, by João Vitor Santos, tradução Moisés Sbardelotto, No. 485/XVI, 16 May.


255. 2015, Canadian Quakers Yearly Meeting Lecture - Decolonising Land and Soul: A Quaker Testimony, The Sunderland P. Gardner Lecture 2015, Canadian Yearly Meeting, Ottawa, 37pp.


250. 2015. The Highland Clearances on the Isles of Lewis and Harris from the living memories of Donald J Macleod (b. 1934) of Enaclete (Uig) and Bridge of Don, compiled and web published by Alastair McIntosh.


247. 2015. Report on the Climate Change Study Visit to Scotland by Planners from Papua Province, Indonesia, Centre For Human Ecology, March 2015, co-authored with Vérène Nicolas & Sibongile Pradhan, 13 pp..


245. 2015. Consultation Response to Scottish Government on Land Reform, Centre for Human Ecology, 10 February 2015.


234. 2014, "Foreword" (25 pp) to the new edition of On the Other Side of Sorrow: Nature and People by James Hunter, Birlinn Ltd, Edinburgh.


221. 2013, Island Spirituality: Spiritual Values of Lewis and Harris, Islands Book Trust, Kershader, 184 pp, price £10. As out of print from 2015, now in free PDF download.


220. 2013, Keynote Address, The Future is Local, Scottish Community Alliance with Scottish Government, 26 April.


218b. 2012, Visitors from Papua (Indonesia), The Crofter, September, p. 25. (Also, from 2013, a report in Indonesian in a Papua newspaper, Cenderawasia Pos, 9 Feb 2013, on our meeting with Provincial Government secretary and BAPPEDA (provincial business unit) in Djayapura, West Papua, Indonesia).


217. 2012, The 'Sacredness' of Natural Sites and Their Recovery: Iona, Harris and Govan in Scotland, in Mallarach, J.-M., Papayannis, T. and Väisänen, R. (eds), The Diversity of Sacred Lands in Europe: Proceedings of the Third Workshop of the Delos Initiative – Inari/Aanaar 2010. Gland, Switzerland: IUCN and Vantaa, Finland: Metsähallitus Natural Heritage Services - free PDF of complete volume from IUCN here.


214. 2011-12, O Donald Trump, Woe Donald Trump (poetry), EarthLines, Issue 1, May 2012, pp. 43-46 (first posted on Bella Caledonia blog 2011).


204. 2009. The Political Theology of Modern Scottish Land Reform, with Rutger Henneman (1), Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture, 3/3, 340-375.  


203. 2009. Compassion (a reflection on the crofting, community and the psyche of the world), Bella Caledonia, September 09 (online journal ... or click here for Word version).


197. 2008, Land, Identity, School: Exploring Women's Identity with Land in Scotland Through the Experience of Boarding School (PDF), with Chriss Bull (1) and Colin Clark (3), Oral History: Journal of the Oral History Society, Autumn 2008, Vol. 36:2, 75 - 88,  Autumn 2008.


196. 2008, Rekindling Community: Connecting People, Environment and Spirituality, Schumacher Briefing No. 15, Green Books. ISBN 978-1-900322-38-6.


195. 2008, Some Contributions of Liberation Theology to Community Empowerment in Scottish Land Reform 1991 - 2003, (4 MB PDF) Thesis for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) by Published Works undertaken with the Academy of Irish Cultural Heritages, Faculty of Arts, University of Ulster.


192. 2008, Submission to Scottish Government's Rural Housing Inquiry, 24 March 2008.


191. 2008, 'Sea Change for Fishing,' in Change and continuity in Scotland's fishing communities, Economic & Social Research Council, ESRC Seminar Series, 17-20.


189. 2008, Engaging the Powers of Walter Wink - an Activist's Testimony, (PDF file) in Enigmas and Powers: Engaging the Work of Walter Wink for Classroom, Church and World, ed. D. Seiple & Frederick W. Weidmann, Princeton Theological Monograph Series No. 79, 101-112.


188. 2007, Archive of Scottish Land Reform Audio Broadcasts with Alastair McIntosh during the 1990s, listen here to 9 digitised broadcasts that reflect a little of the social history of the modern Scottish land reform movement.


187. 2007, Guest Editorial, The Participant (PDF File), Scottish Natural Heritage, Planning Aid & Royal Town Planning Institute, No. 4, 2.


181. 2006, Land Reform: The People Find Their Voice, Reforesting Scotland, Issue 34, pp. 10-12.


179. 2006, Wild Scots and Buffoon History - Review Article of Michael Fry's "Wild Scots: Four Hundred Years of Highland History", The Land, Issue 1, pp. 7 - 10.


167. 2005, Chronique d'une Alliance: Peuples autochtones et société civil face à la mondialisation, (the abridged French translation of Soil and Soul), Editions Yves Michel, Paris, ISBN 2 913492 30 4, €22, 351pp..  Ce blog est destiné aux lecteurs d'Alastair McIntosh afin qu'ils puissent se connaître, se faire connaître et s'exprimer sur les sujets abordés dans le livre.


164. 2004, Land Reform, a 90 second "Pressure Point" broadcast on Scottish TV's Politics Now, transmitted 16 September 2004. Click here to read text, or if you have Windows Media Player click this video link


163. 2004, Land Reform ... the Next Stages, The Crofter – The Journal of the Scottish Crofting Foundation, No. 63, May 2004,  9 – 10.


160. 2004, The Real Price of Property, Third Way, Jan/Feb, Vol. 27 No. 1, 22 - 25.


156. 2003, The 4 Stages of Land Reform in Scotland, The Hebridean, Stornoway, 2 Oct, pp. 8-9, & at press.


155. 2003, Power to the People ( Wind Energy & Land Value Market Capitalisation), The Hebridean, Stornoway, 21 August, p. 7.


154. 2003, The Lie of the Land (Land Reform on Eigg Update), The Hebridean, Stornoway, 14 August, p. 7.


150. 2003, Constitutional Theology, Community & Sovereignty of the Sea, in International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade: Proceedings of the Edinburgh Conference 2001, International Union for Land Value Taxation, London, 2003, 70-85. Now also in PDF.


149. 2003, Towards a Sustainable Community Housing Policy for Scotland, distributed discussion paper, July 7, 7 pp..


136. 2002, It's all about putting people in their place, text of address to the Rural Planning Symposium for Duhallow, published in The Irish Examiner, Cork, 21 June 2002. Also published in revised form on Open Democracy's website, with links to many key phrases, as Soil and Soul: Lessons from Ireland, 2002.


135. 2002, Roots for Living, occasional column in The Big Issue in Scotland, with Vérène Nicolas, on diverse social, environmental and spiritual issues. This link takes you to the index.


129. 2001, Land reform threatened by the "Pavarotti Effect", West Highland Free Press, 9 November, 10.


128. 2001, Land Reform and National Identity, Le Monde Diplomatique, Paris, No. 572-48, November, p. 6, co-authored with Vérène Nicolas. Published in French translation as Quand l'Ecosse Distribue les Terres: Vent de Réformes Après la Conquête de L'Autonomie, in English original, London, p. 13 (with The Guardian Weekly by subscription and on website) as Scotland plc - Land Reform and National Identity, and in German/Swiss editions as Das Geheimnis des wahren Schotten.


127. 2001, Soil and Soul: People versus Corporate Power, Aurum Press, London, ISBN 1 85410 802 6, £17.99 hardback, 336pp..


116. 2000, Healing Nationhood: Essays on Spirituality, Place and Community, including Land, Power & National Identity commissioned by the Russian Academy of Sciences, Curlew Productions, Kelso, with the Centre for Human Ecology and the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, 144pp., ISBN 1 900259 95 8, £7.50. 


112. 2000, The Case for God: Carbeth Hutters’ Feudal Defence Against Eviction, Ecotheology, Sheffield Academic Press, Issue 8, 86-110.  


106. 1999, Land, Power & National Identity: Modern Russia and the Spirituality of Nationhood – a View from Scotland, Russian Academy of Sciences Department of Economics (English and Russian translation per Dr Dmitry Lvov, Head of Department), Moscow, 89pp.; reprinted as lead item in Healing Nationhood (Curlew Productions), 2000, see above.  


100. 1999, Liberation Theology in Scottish Community Empowerment, in Popular Education and Social Action in Scottish Communities, Ian Martin, Jim Crowther and Mae Shaw, (eds.), National Institute of Adult Continuing Education, Leicester, 205-215.  


95. 1998,  Address to the Scottish Landowners’ Federation, 10 June 1998, edited versions as End to Lording It, Evening News, Edinburgh, 17 June, 10; Isles of Acrimony, The Guardian (Society), 22 July, 4-5; Our Land Belongs to Us, The Big Issue, Glasgow, 6 August, 10-11; full text in my Healing Nationhood, Curlew Productions, 2000, 107-111 (see above).


86. 1997, Colonised Land; Colonised Mind: People of the island of Eigg Celebrate their Freedom, Resurgence, 184, 28-30.  


82. 1996, Maintaining the bonds of the island’s core community (Eigg), The Scotsman, 13-12-96, 18.  


61. 1995, Echoes down the glen of landed power, Reforesting Scotland, 13, 26-28. Now also in PDF at the link.


56. 1994, (287KB) The Scottish Highlands in colonial and psychodynamic perspective, Interculture: International Journal of Transdisciplinary and Intercultural Research, XXVII:3, 2-36, (with Andy Wightman (2) and Dan Morgan (3)). Traduction française (228KB): Les Highlands écossais dans une perspective coloniale et psychodynamique. Now also in PDF - on the linked pages.


42. 1992, Open letter to Keith Schellenberg, “Laird” of Eigg, Reforesting Scotland, 7, 30-31, (with Tom Forsyth (2) and Bob Harris (3)).  


41. 1992, A ‘collector’s item’ or community ownership - the Isle of Eigg debate, Edinburgh Review, 88, 158-162.  



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