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 2. Alastair McIntosh - Globalization


Classified Index of Articles on Globalisation, Economics, Marketing & Management



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324. 2023, A Potential Model for Community Empowerment – the Silver Standard, a briefing paper for NatureScot (SNH) invited for the Community Empowerment & Green Finance workshop (Aug 2023). See also the earlier main "natural capital" paper.


321. 2023, The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Carbon: Natural Capital, the Private Finance Investment Pilot and Scotland’s Land Reform, a discussion paper commissioned by Community Land Scotland with a Foreword by Ailsa Raeburn, 76 pp., May 18. Go direct to main paper here and to subsequent "silver standard" paper for NatureScot (SNH), here.


315, 2023, The Question of Community and 'Rewilding', Bella Caledonia, 31 January. PDF version here.


295. 2020, Riders on the Storm: the Climate Crisis and the Survival of Being, Birlinn, Edinburgh, 243 + xi, ISBN 978 1 78027 639 7, £9.99 p/b.


280. 2018, Imagine Life Without the Interconnector: We can take back control (Isle of Lewis wind farm debate), The Stornoway Gazette 28 June and expanded version as a guest on Katie Laing's blog 30 June, see at that link.


278, 2018, The Manknell Doctrine - Oxfam and a half-century's political drivers of the Third Sector, Bella Caledonia, 4 March, PDF copy of web publication.


262, 2016, Donald Trump and the Second Sight, Bella Caledonia, 6 November. PDF version here.


260, 2016, Poacher's Pilgrimage: an Island Journey, Birlinn, Edinburgh, hardback, ISBN 978 178027 361 7, £20, 339 pp. + xxi.


256, 2015, Rummaging Through the Useful Bag, Dark Mountain Journal Issue 8 (on Technê, technology), pp. 298 - 310.


255. 2015, Canadian Quakers Yearly Meeting Lecture - Decolonising Land and Soul: A Quaker Testimony, The Sunderland P. Gardner Lecture 2015, Canadian Yearly Meeting, Ottawa, 37pp.


231. 2014, When the Ferries Fail to Sail (community resilience on the Isle of Lewis during 1966 strike of the National Union of Seamen), with Lauren Eden (1), Dark Mountain, Issue 5, Spring 2014, pp. 140-157.


226. 2014, A Culture of Contempt: the Telegraph, R.D. Laing & Scottish Independence, Bella Caledonia opinion piece, February 19th. For non-interactive but permanent PDF version click here.


221. 2013, Island Spirituality: Spiritual Values of Lewis and Harris, Islands Book Trust, Kershader, 184 pp, price £10. As out of print from 2015, now in free PDF download.


220. 2013, Keynote Address, The Future is Local, Scottish Community Alliance with Scottish Government, 26 April.


214. 2011-12, O Donald Trump, Woe Donald Trump (poetry), EarthLines, Issue 1, May 2012, pp. 43-46 (first posted on Bella Caledonia blog 2011).


211. 2010. Book review of Dark Mountain Journal Issue 1, on Bella Caledonia website with contributor comments, 30 June, and also in PDF, 7pp..


210. 2010. Popping the Gygian Question, Dark Mountain, Issue 1,  Dark Mountain Project, May 2010, 101-7.


205b. 2009. Economic Growth and Climate Change are Like a Runaway Train, The Guardian (Face to Faith), 3 October.


194. 2008, Hell and High Water: Climate Change, Hope and the Human Condition, Birlinn Press, Edinburgh, 289 pp. + x, £8.99, ISBN 978-1-84158-622-9.


191. 2008, 'Sea Change for Fishing,' in Change and continuity in Scotland's fishing communities, Economic & Social Research Council, ESRC Seminar Series, 17-20.


190. 2008, 'Who is Your Enemy? Lafarge, NGOs and the Harris Superquarry Campaign' (PDF) - a sharing and debate between Alastair McIntosh of the Centre for Human Ecology and Michel Picard of Lafarge, in Kai Hockerts & Luk Van Wassenhove (eds), It's All Our Business: Corporate Responsibility in a Global World, INSEAD Alumni Sustainability Roundtable, INSEAD Business School, Paris, Chapter 2.3.


188. 2007, Archive of Scottish Land Reform Audio Broadcasts with Alastair McIntosh during the 1990s, listen here to 9 digitised broadcasts that reflect a little of the social history of the modern Scottish land reform movement.


187. 2007, Guest Editorial, The Participant (PDF File), Scottish Natural Heritage, Planning Aid & Royal Town Planning Institute, No. 4, 2.


183. Entretien avec Alastair McIntosh: Quand la société civile et l'industrie s'impliquent dans une vision partagée (entretien par Béatrice Quasnik), Les Cahiers de Sol, Society for Organisational Learning, Paris, France, No. 6, Juin/June 2006, pp. 24 - 30, en .pdf. 


179. 2006, Wild Scots and Buffoon History - Review Article of Michael Fry's "Wild Scots: Four Hundred Years of Highland History", The Land, Issue 1, pp. 7 - 10.


173. 2005 (with new Foreword 2020), The Dream Job: 21 Steps to enhance Black and Ethnic Minority opportunities in Scotland, (co-authored by Alastair McIntosh, Vérène Nicolas, Tara O'Leary, Jane Rosegrant & Nick Wilding; Foreword by Tesfu Gessesse, Chair of EMPOWER), EMPOWER, Equal, European Social Fund & Centre for Human Ecology, Edinburgh, 23 September, 28pp..


171. 2005, Poverty, Chastity and the G8, Third Way, June (at press). Also on same page, book review for ECOS of "we are everywhere: the irresistible rise of global anticapitalism" (Verso, 2003).


170. 2005, Open Letter to Business: Towards Accelerating Marginal Utility, The Nature of Business, WWF International (Worldwide Fund for Nature), Switzerland, Vol. 3:1, p. 5.


167. 2005, Chronique d'une Alliance: Peuples autochtones et société civil face à la mondialisation, (the abridged French translation of Soil and Soul), Editions Yves Michel, Paris, ISBN 2 913492 30 4, €22, 351pp..  Ce blog est destiné aux lecteurs d'Alastair McIntosh afin qu'ils puissent se connaître, se faire connaître et s'exprimer sur les sujets abordés dans le livre.


165. 2004, Corporate Ethics and the Harris Superquarry, Ecos: Journal of the British Association of Nature Conservationists,  jointly with Luc Giraud-Guigues and Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud (both of WWF International), Vol. 25, Issue 2,. 44 – 52. Also on this page are contributions to the closing superquarry debate that I co-ordinated from Dan Barlow of Friends of the Earth Scotland, and Nigel Jackson, Executive Director of Lafarge Aggregates UK. 


162. 2004, Corporate Ethics: Stones & Spirit - Keynote address to Lafarge's corporate conference in Bergamo, Italy, delivered 17 May 2004. An edited version of this was published in The Sunday Herald (Seven Days), 23 May 2004, p. 9, as "Integrity of firm caught between a rock and a hard place."


160. 2004, The Real Price of Property, Third Way, Jan/Feb, Vol. 27 No. 1, 22 - 25.


159. 2004, Foreword to Europe, Globalization and Sustainable Development, ed. Barry, John, Baxter, Brian & Dunphy, Richard., Routledge, London, £65 (hardback), ISBN: 0-415-30276-5, xii - xxiii.


158. 2003, For Auld Lang Syne, My Dear, address to the European Social Forum (FSE), plenary on Cultural and National Identities in Europe, Paris, 14 November.


153. 2003, Idolatry of the Invisible Hand (a response to Sir Mark Moody-Stuart on business & sustainability), Green Christian, No. 53, November, 11 - 12.


151. 2003, Cold War Psychohistory in the Scottish Psyche, in Jamison, Brian (ed.), Scotland and the Cold War, Cualann Press, Dumfermline, pp. 74 – 80.


146. 2003, Class of 1981 - Alastair McIntosh - MBA Profile, Aluminate, University of Edinburgh Management School, Summer edn..


142. 2003, Development with Soul: alternatives to debt, interview by Peter Gibb with Alastair McIntosh, Land and Liberty, Vol. 109:1204, Autumn/Winter 2002/2003, 8-10.


141. 2003, Channel 4's "Without Prejudice?" - "7 days in the life of ... Alastair McIntosh", Sunday Herald, 25 January 2003, p. 9 (7 Days section), and, "How I won 50 grand on TV", The Herald, 28 January 2003, p. 14.


135. 2002, Roots for Living, occasional column in The Big Issue in Scotland, with Vérène Nicolas, on diverse social, environmental and spiritual issues. This link takes you to the index.


132. 2001, Sabbath and the Corporate Mammon: concluding the Harris Superquarry Debate, ECOS, British Association of Nature Conservationists, 22 (1), 46-52.


131. 2001, Let's make a world of difference (Globalization, or One World?), Evening News, Edinburgh, November 26, 10.


129. 2001, Land reform threatened by the "Pavarotti Effect", West Highland Free Press, 9 November, 10.


128. 2001, Land Reform and National Identity, Le Monde Diplomatique, Paris, No. 572-48, November, p. 6, co-authored with Vérène Nicolas. Published in French translation as Quand l'Ecosse Distribue les Terres: Vent de Réformes Après la Conquête de L'Autonomie, in English original, London, p. 13 (with The Guardian Weekly by subscription and on website) as Scotland plc - Land Reform and National Identity, in German/Swiss editions as Das Geheimnis des wahren Schotten, and in Spanish (Chilean edition) as Reforma agraria e identitaria en Escocia (December 2001 edition). 


127. 2001, Soil and Soul: People versus Corporate Power, Aurum Press, London, ISBN 1 85410 802 6, £17.99 hardback, 336pp..


124. 2000, Discounting the Children’s Future? Does the Non-symmetrical Depreciation of Natural and Human-made Capital Invalidate the Assumption of Substitutability in "Weak" Sustainability Analysis?, Geophilos, No. 00(1), Land Research Trust, London, (with Gareth Edwards-Jones (2)), 122-133.


123. 2000. Defying the Corporate Golem [Lafarge Redland, Corporate "Human" Rights and the British Constitution], Foundations, William Temple Foundation, 3:4, 27.


122. 2000. When Mammon Comes Marching In... Challenging the Claim of Corporate "Human" Rights, Stornoway Gazette, 28 September, p. 4.

97. 1998, Monetarism is Killing Communities, Fishing News, 6 November, 16-17 (with David Thomson, (1)).  

94. 1998, An evaluation of the historical condemnation of usury, Accounting, Business & Financial History, Routledge, London, (with Wayne Visser (1)), Vol. 8:2, 175-190 - Now also in PDF.


93. 1998, The Cult of Biotechnology, lead article in George Monbiot edited special biotechnology issue of Resurgence, 188, 8-11.  


78. 1996, Taking arms against the mercenaries, New Scientist (note also the senior editor’s leader in this issue defending the Centre for Human Ecology’s “tradition of fearless inquiry” in the context of Edinburgh University’s closure move) - both now available in PDF, 4 May 96, pp. 3 & 51.


70. 1995, The Fallacy of the Presumption of Symmetrical Depreciation in the Substitutionality of Natural and Human-Made Capital, Journal of Law and Religion, XI:2, Hamline University School of Law, Saint Paul Mn., 789-791.  


62. 1995, GATT and crofting: the Uruguay round around Ullapool, Scottish Affairs, 12, 73-86, (with Osbert Lancaster (1)).  


31. 1990, The Bougainville crisis: a South Pacific crofters’ war, Radical Scotland, 44, 18-22. Now also in PDF.


18. 1985, On course for better computer training, The Scotsman (Information Technology supplement), Edinburgh, 11 Mar.. Also in the Post Courier and The Times in Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby.  


14. 1983, How to persuade the taxman to make a donation to your favourite charity [Deeds of Covenant including Fiscal Year Deeds], The Guardian, Manchester, 25 June, 20.  


10. 1982, The truth about charity accounts, The  Guardian, Manchester, 24 December, p. 23 (MBA dissertation synopsis).



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