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Poacher's Pilgrimage: an Island Journey, 2016, from Birlinn (UK/world) and Cascade - Wipf & Stock (USA)

"This is the book I've been waiting to read all my life" - Cameron McNeish, mountaineer & BBC broadcaster

"Fascinating, provocative and, occasionally, very funny" - Joanna Kavenna, Times Literary Supplement

"I felt I had been led to holy ground" - Brian D McLaren, Foreword to the Cascade edition 

Video clips: Opus Earth author interview (5 mins); BBC TV Adventure Show (12 mins) Royal Society Ed TEDx (12 mins)   


Riders on the Storm: the Climate Crisis and the Survival of Being, my latest book, from Birlinn, 2020


'Imbued with the deepest hope for a better world' - Sir Jonathon Porritt

'Tackles the defining question of our age. Solid on the science yet dedicated to the human spirit' - Prof Katharine Hayhoe

'A climate primer for our times A riposte to deniers and doomers alike. And a life-giving vision for our collective future.' - Prof Michael E. Mann

Video: Opus Earth author interview




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Published articles - classified index:

  1. Community

  2. Globalisation

  3. Nonviolence

  4. Sustainability & climate

  5. Land Reform

  6. Superquarries

  7. Epistemology

  8. Scottish constitutional

  9. Psychology & ethnology

  10. PNG & South Pacific

  11. Theology & philosophy

  12. Consciousness studies

  13. Mythology & poetics

  14. Spirituality


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New This Past Year: [COP 26 as a Ritual Space - Theos blog (Nov 2021)]  [The Angus Macleod Memorial Lecture 2021 - Climate Change, Land & Spirituality PDF (or video, starts 9 mins in), Oct 2021]  [Raimon Panikkar's 9 Sutras for COP 26, his 1991 Glasgow Lecture, Sep 2021)]  [And So Somersault, introduction to Maoilios Caimbeul's faerie poem, audio & pdf, SEALL, Aug 2021]  [Rising Through the Third Great Flood,The Iona Community, Aug 2021]  [Three Reflections on Elderly Care, BBC & The Friend, Mar 2021]  [The Attitude of Education, Lit Verlag Zurich, Dec 2020]  [Scotland's potential contribution to COP 26, The Herald, Nov 2020]  [The Religious Education of the Future, Hampshire County Council (Oct 2020]  [St Andrew's Day lecture on multiculturalism, Theology in Scotland, Aug 2020]   [Data Set on our solar & heat pump renewable energy system - 64% cut in domestic carbon emissions (updates)]  [Interviews - press, radio, TV, podcast (to date)]  [BBC Thoughts for the Day (to date)]  [Twitter feed]  


Hi Folks as of mid-January I am moving this website to a different server and there may be some disruptions


Hello, and a warm welcome to the website of Alastair McIntosh. Thank you for visiting my home page. See below for contact details and my public itinerary. Also, the tabs above for main themes, and links to the left for a classified index of publications and some other ports of call.

Since 2004 I've lived within the old parish boundary of Govan in the city of Glasgow, Scotland, where I am a founding trustee of the GalGael Trust. This works to release blocked flows within the human spirit and to address oppressive social structures such as impact upon a hard-pressed area. Since 1996, my work has been mainly freelance. I am a Fellow of the Centre for Human Ecology (CHE) of which I was previously director, an honorary senior research fellow (honorary professor) in the College of Social Sciences at the University of Glasgow, and have held honorary fellowships or professorships at the universities of Strathclyde, of Ulster at the Academy of Irish Cultural Heritages, and in the School of Divinity at Edinburgh.

I run this site to represent myself professionally. Its main purpose is to make my published work readily available and to give events information. Forgive it being a self-maintained amateur website. I use antique FrontPage software from the last century. If you've only landed here to get the retro experience, please make yourself at home.

Nearly all of what I've posted has been previously published or delivered as an address, usually involving peer review. It includes items from local newspapers, the national press, academic papers in refereed scholarly journals, magazine contributions, published letters and poetry, reports, speeches and some broadcasts. There are also sections with my interviews, podcasts and video, my books and rare 3rd party resource material. The latter is where I've scanned important but hard-to-find documents that are essential to my work and may help those in similar fields.

I live with my wife, Vérène Nicolas. We met in Ireland in 1996 when I was running a study tour and she was working on a farm. Her background is in agriculture, economics and rural development, but these days she works mainly with transformative learning and collaborative leadership in community-based organisations. Both of us are Quakers.


What I do and stand for (updated August 2021)

What is found here broadly represents my work in human ecology - the study of and participation in relationships between the natural environment and the social environment. Some define human ecology in terms of population, environment, resources and development (PRED). My approach also integrates the psychological and spiritual backdrop to being a conscious human being in a living world. Much of my work is informed by a combination of practical action, study and reflection. In this, I am especially influenced by liberation theology - theology that liberates theology to do what it should do. In choosing what issues to work on, I therefore ask questions like:

bullet"Does what I do feed the hungry?"
bullet"Is it relevant to the poor or to the broken in nature?"
bullet"Does it contribute to understanding and meaningfulness?"
bullet"Does it give life?" 

In recent years, it has been the last of these questions that most binds my work together. To do human ecology, like doing theology, is to pull on a tangled ball of string. You cannot unravel one loop until you've understood the network of connections. For me, such interconnection is the essence of reality and the basis of consciousness. It is about the spiritual, which is to say, life as love made manifest. It is the innermost structure that underpins the outer forms of things, including their psychology, ecology, politics, economics and forms of collective religious expression. That is why I believe that what the world most needs today is a deepening of spiritual vision. Science gives outer sight, but spirituality complements this with insight. Such understanding is the key to my work and ability to maintain hope, even where the grounds for optimism might be frayed.

The Coronavirus has caused my face-to-face events to have been cancelled or shifted online for most of 2020 and the first half of 2021. However, I have remained available for online events, and now that things are opening up again (as of July 2021 in this part of the world), increasingly for face-to-face events where appropriate safeguarding is in place (I myself am double vaccinated).


My background, writing and activism

Born in 1955, all of my school education (1960-73) took place in the community where I was raised, on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides or Western Isles. A traditional Scottish education allows for a generalist worldview. I hold a BSc in geography from the University of Aberdeen (1973-77) submajoring in psychology and moral philosophy; a financial MBA from the University of Edinburgh (1980-81); and a PhD by published works in liberation theology, land reform and community empowerment from the Academy of Irish Cultural Heritages, University of Ulster (2008). A CV and short bio is here.

My work is mainly represented through the books and articles linked from the tabs along the top of this page. The best known are Soil and Soul: People versus Corporate Power (2001), Poacher's Pilgrimage: an Island Journey, and most recently, Riders on the Storm: the Climate Crisis and the Survival of Being (2020). My books have variously been described as "world-changing" by George Monbiot, "inspirational" by Rowan Williams while Archbishop of Canterbury, "careful, sober reasoning" by the philosopher Mary Midgley, and "truly mental" by the singer Thom Yorke of Radiohead.

My best-known work includes Scottish land reform as commenced with the Isle of Eigg (1990 - present), the Harris superquarry battle (1992 - 2004), the spirituality of community, identity, belonging and place (1986 - present), nonviolence and understanding war (1976 - present), the psychospirituality of climate change (2006 to present), and radical human ecology (1990 - present). For further information on my current work and campaigns click here.

Less well-known is my work with South Pacific education, development and ethnography (1980-91 in Papua New Guinea and 2012 onwards in Papua and West Papua Provinces, Indonesia), sustainable tropical forestry (1984-95), micro-hydro electric and alternative energy (1978-86 and 2012 onwards), the depth psychology of cigarette advertising (1995-96), corporate social responsibility in the cement industry with Lafarge (2004-13), cultural psychotherapy, conflict and power analysis (1994 - present), and applied liberation theology (1977 - present). Running through all my work and connecting these strands is spirituality, the attitudes, questions and practices of our deepest humanity.


Availability for Events, livelihood and travelling

Since 1996 I've made my living on an entirely self employed basis - writing, broadcasting, keynote speaking at events, workshops, retreats, taught courses and consultancy. For availability see my public itinerary, and a rough idea of the kind of things I talk about at this list. My personal financial accountability, my suggesting scale of charging for events, and my approach to travel in the face of climate change are all given here. I undertake live and online events, and have the technology to offer blended events using Zoom.

Places at which I have spoken or taught in recent years include universities in Britain and abroad, the Russian Academy of Sciences (Economics Dept), INSEAD European Management School, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, the Glasgow School of Art, the British Council, the World Council of Churches, Groupe Credit Mutuel, Shell plc, Nokia Research Centre, Lafarge SA (where I sat until 2013 on their Sustainability Stakeholders' Panel), the Edinburgh International Festival, the Schumacher Lectures and Schumacher College, Greenbelt Festival, the Society for Ecological Regeneration, Friends of the Earth, WWF International and UK, Australia's Rainforest Information Centre, Transition Towns, the Iona Community, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the Economic and Social Research Council, the Jakarta Institute of Theology, the UK's Defence Academy's Joint Services Command & Staff College (JSCSC, on nonviolence), the Royal College of Defence Studies, École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr, the Irish Military College and the Geneva Centre for Security Policy.


Where now? COP 26 and Riders on the Storm: the Climate Crisis and the Survival of Being

These days when not speaking or writing I spend much of my time seeing visitors, infromally mentoring and answering correspondence. I struggle to cope with the volume, and if you you're waiting for an urgent reply to something, give me a nudge. I give priority time to activists and young scholars (especially doctorate candidates) working with cultural, environmental or spiritual change. The United Nations climate change summit, COP 26, takes place here in Glasgow, a mile from our house and just round the corner from the GalGael Trust. With Riders on the Storm into its second printing at the time of writing, I'm being kept going flat out, and here's a draft of the publisher's blurb.

Dangerous climate change means that massive social change is essential if much of the earth can remain habitable. What needs to happen will challenge our politics, our economics and our technical capacity. But above all these, it will be a challenge to our humanity. In this succinct and passionate new book, Alastair McIntosh examines the drivers in the human psyche that have allowed unfettered consumerism to threaten the planet. He argues for a radical shift in our consciousness of what it means to be human at this stage in our evolution. His message is not one of optimism, but of building on soul and meaning in these troubled times. Of building the capacity for resilience and regeneration that can make us riders on the storm.


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Contact Information:


Alastair McIntosh

26 Luss Road


G51 3YD

Scotland / Ecosse



Email - mail@AlastairMcIntosh.com (preferred first point of contact)


Mobile (cellphone): +44 (0) 7444 580 380 (preferred second point of contact)


Twitter: @alastairmci (I am not on other social media, I can be DM'd without requiring to follow)


For work issues please try to avoid phoning outside weekday working hours. Remember time zones - we're in GMT or BST in summer (i.e. GMT+1). If you need to discuss something that requires much thought I prefer an email first if possible to arrange a mutually convenient calling time. I am on Skype, Facetime, WhattsApp and Zoom: but unless it is a pressing matter please first try to arrange any call by email or text.



Directions to our home/office:


Public Transport: For public transport in Scotland, it is worthwhile downloading the Traveline Scotland app. If coming from central Glasgow, take the subway (underground train) to either Govan or Ibrox. They're each one mile from our house. From Govan is a more interesting walk, but Ibrox is a simpler route and less congested if we're picking you up by car (see below if walking). From either Govan subway station or the city centre (Renfield St), you can get a McGills Route 26 bus to the second stop on Craigton Road, from where we're the next street up on the right. The fare is £3.60 from town as of the start of 2018). They're every 10 or 16 minutes during the day, but the timetable is unreliable. Our house is no. 26, half way along Luss Rd on the right. If coming from city centre's Queen St or Central stations, the stops for the 26 bus are on Renfield Street (extending onto Union Street). Taxis up from Govan are about £4, from city centre about £12, and from the airport about £20.


If walking from the subway exit at Ibrox, turn right onto Copland Road. Up to the lights and turn right. Pass alongside the Rangers football stadium, go straight on over the first roundabout, straight over the second roundabout, on to the lights, turn right down Craigton Road, and Luss Road is the 5th exit on the left (depending on what you count as an exit).


By Car: If coming on the M8 from east or west, exit at junction 24 (Helen Street), signposted for Govan. Head downhill and over the lights to a roundabout, as if heading to the Clyde Tunnel. Turn left at the roundabout then right at the lights into a residential area, Craigton Road (signposted to "Elderpark Workspace"). Luss Road is the 3rd on the left (or 4th depending on what you count). 


If coming by car from the North via the Clyde Tunnel, as you exit the tunnel prepare to take the first left just at the tunnel's end. Be careful - it comes on you very quickly and it's easy to overshoot. This brings you out onto Govan Road with a very large roundabout. Turn right at this, onto Drive Road, passing a Elder Park on your left. At the end of Drive road, keep the park on your left by turning left onto Langlands Road. Take the 3rd right, just before you lose the park, onto Arklett Road, then 2nd right is Luss Road.


Avoid the M8 approaches if you can when there's a football match on at Ibrox. There may also be parking congestion at such times. Taxi drivers from outwith this area do not know it well. Tell them that you want Luss Road which is off Craigton Road, and to take the Helen Street exit if coming from the M8.




Alastair McIntosh's Itinerary of Main Events

This table shows roughly which dates I'm booked up for. It also shows what sorts of events I take on. For information on booking me for events please click here. For an overview of my typical speaking topics click here. Gaps in the timetable do not necessarily signify availability, especially over weekends, as this is not my private diary. Dates marked for delivery of Thought for the Day mean that I have to be near a BBC studio early that morning, and have time on the previous day for preparation - though these dates can be swapped with another presenter. Events marked "s.t.c." are "subject to consent/confirmation", and it is best to confirm events with the organisers' information before turning up.

2021 (last year)

This Year - 2022+



The year that was COP 26


  1. Talk on The Practice of Pilgrimage to retreat of Red Letter Christians, 0945, Thu 7 Jan, Zoom but not sure if public.

  2. Panel discussion in the Red Letter Christians retreat on the theme: Borders and Space: Our Relationship with The Land. 1400, Fri 8 Jan, Zoom as above.

  3. BBC Radio Scotland Thought for the Day, broadcast 0720ish, Tue 12 Jan, (preparation previous day).

  4. Delivering The Immortal Memory at the GalGael Trust on-line Burns Supper, 1730 Thu 28 Jan, by Zoom.

  5. Guest interviewee along with the Birmingham Bard Jimmy Davis at the launch of Luke Concannon's (of Nizlopi) new album, Ecstatic Bird in the Burning, 2000, Fri 5 Feb, join on Zoom or Facebook here.

  6. Glasgow Quaker readers' group discussion of Riders on the Storm, 2000, Mon 15 Feb. Others are welcome, but discussion priority will be to given the group.

  7. Talk on Faith in the Environment: climate change & community to Westport (Ireland) Eco-congregation, 1930, Thu 16 Feb. Watch video on YouTube here.

  8. Speaking in the Paisley Book Festival on Climate and Community, interviewed by Roxani Krystalli, 1800, Sat 27 Feb. Watch video on YouTube until late April.

  9. Speaking in 'Enough for Lent' organised by Enough, on How to be Local: belonging, meaning and knowing life and nature at home, 1800 - 2000, Wed. 10 Mar.. Free, register for Zoom link.

  10. BBC Radio Scotland Thought for the Day, broadcast 0720ish, Fri 12 Mar, (preparation previous day).

  11. In conversation with Ruth Harvey, leader of the Iona Community, on Difficult Conversations Around Climate Change: Civic Space for Climate Justice, 1900, Wed 17 Mar. Watch video on YouTube here.

  12. Edinburgh University talk on Modern Scottish Land Reform to students of MSc Global Environment, Politics and Society, 1000, Fri 26 Mar.

  13. Leeds University talk, Place and Performance Research Group, Land Consciousness: What can England learn from Scotland about Taking Back Control? 1600, Fri 26 Mar. Watch the webinar video from this link.

  14. Book group for Riders on the Storm with St James' Church, Leith, 1930, Mon 29 Mar..

  15. Lecture to environmental MBA students at Lausanne Business School, Switzerland, The Being and Doing of Leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility, 1000 GMT+1 (1100 CET+1), Fri 9 Apr.

  16. A talk and sharing with The Welcoming on Climate Justice and the Survival of Community, 1730, Tue 13 April, Zoom registration here (free).

  17. BBC Radio Scotland Thought for the Day, broadcast 0720ish, Tue 13 Apr, (preparation previous day).

  18. Lecture to New York Open Center, A Celtic View of Nature on Earth Day, for one hour starting 12pm EST (1700 BST - in UK), Thu 22 Apr, immediately followed by event below. It's free, but please consider the donation option, as they're being kind enough to pay me. Watch the video here.

  19. An Earth Day conversation at the New York Open Center with Jeff Gitterman of Gitterman Wealth Management, on Wall St and the climate crisis. This follows directly on previous session. For one hour starting 1pm EST (1800 BST in UK). Use the same video link as above, but Gitterman part starts one hour in.

  20. Leading a breakout group for COP26 Coalition event, on vision for a future Scotland, 1030 Sat 24 Apr, Zoom registration here (free).

  21. Discussion with environmental students at the Canadian Mennonite University using Riders on the Storm as their course book, 1930 BST, Sat 24 Apr..

  22. Red Letter Christians - 'book club' event to discuss Spiritual Activism (Green Books) with me and co-author Matt Carmichael, 1000 - 1200, Sat 1 May. Free, register for Zoom link.

  23. Two lectures to the Command & Staff Course, Irish Military College, Curragh: The Nonviolent Challenge to Conflict and The Depth Psychology of Conflict, 1400 - 1600, Mon 10 May (by Zoom).

  24. Kenmure Sharing on refugees, identity and solidarity, with Prof Alison Phipps, 1700, Sat 15 May, by Zoom.

  25. Reunion meeting from Findhorn 2019 group, 1830 - 2000, Mon 24 May, private event.

  26. A sharing on "Reimagining Activisms" in online course A Journey Home, put on by Christabel Reed of Advaya, Tue 1 Jun.

  27. Panel on Spirituaity after Covid, Ekklesia with Luath Press, 1930 - 2045, Thu 3 Jun, details t.b.a..

  28. Sermon about climate change at St Martin's Episcopalian Church, Dalry, Edinburgh, 1030, Sunday 6 Jun. In person if restrictions allow.

  29. Speaking in day conference on Land, Food Heritage and Power at University of Bangor, Wales, by Zoom, on "Land, Power and Community Food Security in Scotland", Wed 16 Jun (all day, speaking at 1105 then panel at 1430).

  30. Giving the Adderbury Gathering Annual Public Lecture 2021, on the theme Riding the Climate Storm: a Call to Quaker Calling, hosted by the Banbury & Evesham Quakers, 1500 (doors open from 1430), Sun 20 June, book a free Zoom ticket here.

  31. Presentation to school children participants at the Inspiring Purpose Sustainable Futures award ceremony, Association for Character Education, 1600, Thu 22 Jun, by Zoom.

  32. The Pilgrimage of Life - an online pilgrimage exploring departure, initiation and return organised by the Quakers, open to all (with optional donation to Glasgow Quaker meeting house funds), 1400 - 1715, Sun 27 Jun, Zoom info & registration link: http://bit.ly/GQpilgrimage

  33. BBC Radio Scotland Thought for the Day, broadcast 0720ish, Fri 2 Jul, (preparation previous day).

  34. Speaking on Climate Change and the Human Future in the Edinburgh Science Festival, "The Encampment of Eternal Hope", Royal Botanic Gardens, 1100, Sat 10 Jul, free but bookings here.

  35. Brighton Book Group: discussion with readers of  Soil and Soul, 1900, Mon 12 Jul, by Zoom.

  36. Speaking and panelist at Summer Stravaig, Design Innovation & Land Assets, Glasgow School of Art and University of Ulster, 1000, Wed 14 Jul.

  37. Mostly unavailable Sat 17 Jul - Mon 2 Aug, holiday back home on Isle of Lewis.

  38. Keynote talk, Community, Consumerism and Climate Change: Scotland and West Papua Province in the international course, Guardians of the Forest, Wed 4 Aug, course participants only.

  39. Talks at SEALL Live Literature festival at Armadale Castle, Isle of Skye in two events Wed 11 Aug around the year's theme, Scotland's Coasts and Water. Riding the Three Great Floods (1430 hrs, p. 31 of programme); and in conversation with Skye poet Myles/Maoilios Campbell for the first bilngual publication of  great mythic poem, And so Somersault (1930 hrs, pp. 32 - 33 of programme) - with a special focus on tradition bearing today with guests Catherine MacPhee & Iain MacKinnon joining our discussion.

  40. BBC Radio Scotland Thought for the Day, broadcast 0720ish, Wed 25 Aug (preparation previous day).

  41. TV filming in Govan for COP 26 with Bullion Productions, late morning Mon 30 Aug.

  42. Training for the clergy of the Unitarian church in Spiritual Leadership, conference On Being Beloved Community, Mon 6 - Wed 8 Sep, Great Hucklow, Derbyshire.

  43. Mostly unavailable, in France, Wed 8 - Wed 22 Sep - Verene's family and holiday, some Zoom availability but probably not 11 - 19 & 22 Sep.

  44. Panel with Loving Earth Conversation, Quaker Meeting House, Glasgow (and online), evening Fri 24 Sep.. Book free Eventbrite ticket here. #COP26

  45. Talk and workshop, Scottish Communities Climate Acton Network (SCCAN), 1400 - 1700, Sat 25 Sept, St Columba's by the Castle, Edinburgh, and blended with Zoom. Registration for both options here. #COP26

  46. Preaching at St Salvator's Chapel, University of St Andrews, 1100, Sun 26 Sep, on the spirituality of climate change. Sermon outline here. #COP26

  47. Sharing (1 of 2) with students at the College of Charleston, South Carolina, around Soil and Soul, 1600, Wed 29 Sep., by Zoom.

  48. An Evening with Alastair McIntosh chaired by theologian Simon Barrow on the theme, In our Doom is our Dharma: Climate change and consciousness. Hosted by the Edinburgh International Centre for Spirituality & Peace, now changed to online, 1900, Wed 29 Sep, tickets £6/£4 here. #COP26

  49. Speaking on Geopoetics, Land and Tackling the Climate Crisis (also James Murray-White on rewilding), Scottish Centre for Geopoetics, Mary Barbour Suite, Pearce Institute, Govan, Glasgow and webcast, 1700 - 1900, Thu 30. Zoom recording here.

  50. BBC Radio Scotland Thought for the Day, broadcast 0720ish, Wed 6 Oct, (preparation previous day).

  51. A farewell talk to pilgrims - Pilgrims on the Storm: the Soil and Soul of Walking in to COP 26 -  Art & Ecology for COP 26 Pilgrimage, Belhaven Church Hall, 1900 - 2100, Sun 17 Oct. In-person tickets are sold out but book for online here. #COP26

  52. The Bishop of Reading's Café Théologique, 1930, Mon 18 Oct., Riders on the Storm: Faith and the Navigation of Climate Change, details t.b.a.. #COP26

  53. A sharing with Theo Ogbhemhe for the online magazine "Edinburgh Interfaith" - Faith and Climate Justice, Our Collective Responsibility - hosted by Joe Goldblatt (Jewish), Sister Nasim Azad (Islam) & Iain Stewart (Church of Scotland). 1300 - 1400, Thu 21 Oct, join live on their Facebook. #COP26

  54. Delivering the Angus Macleod Lecture 2021 hosted by Comunn Eachdraidh na Pairc (Pairc Historical Society) with :‘I’ve Never Known You Be So Bad Before! – Land, Community and Climate Change, Kinloch Historical Society hall, Balallan, Isle of Lewis, 1930, Thu 21 Oct, tickets SOLD OUT. View the recording here (starts at 09:15 mins in) and download text PDF here. #COP26

  55. By the Light of the Moonrock: Thirty Years of Light and Dark - a discussion with the silverwork artist Maeve Gillies about her Superquarry Squash Blossom 'moonstone necklace' recently exhibited at An Lanntair and now on display in Harris. At the Isle of Harris Distillery centre, Tarbert, 1030 - 1200, Fri 22 Oct.. See BBC Gaelic video news item here and watch the event recording here.

  56. Conference keynote speech to Rotary International SE Scotland - Riders on the Storm: Leadership in Times of Climate Change -  Doubletree Hilton Hotel, Cumbernauld, Sat 23 23 Oct, 1200 - 1530. #COP26

  57. Public lecture in the Science, Wisdom and Faith weekend at Greyfriars - Climate Science and the Healing of the Nations - Greyfriars Church Centre, Edinburgh, Sat 23 Oct, speaking 1715 - 1800 in session starting 1600, In-person & livesteam registration options here. #COP26

  58. Helping to welcome the Zapatistas and Amazonian tribal leaders at the GalGael Trust, Glasgow, 0900, Sat 30 Oct.

  59. House guest on BBC Radio Scotland Sunday Morning, on spirituality and climate change, The Beatles in India, and the nature of Fear at All Hallows Eve: from 0800 - 0920. #COP26

  60. Delivering a climate change sermon for St Mark's Unitarian Church, Edinburgh, The Worst & Best Nail in the Ark, 1100, Sun 31 Oct, by video, Zoom viewing link.

  61. Lecture - The Spiritual Imperative of COP 26: a Vision for the Future - hosted by Glasgow Quaker Meeting, Sun 31 Oct, 1930 - 2100. Watch Zoom recording here. #COP26

  62. BBC Radio Scotland Thought for the Day, broadcast 0720ish, Mon 1 Nov, (preparation previous day). Text here. #COP26

  63. The GalGael Trust, Opening event, The Declaration of a Free State 25th Year, speaking on Climate Change, Land and the Recovery of Indigeniety around 1700, but the event runs 1600 - 2100, Mon 1 Nov, Fairley St, Ibrox. All GalGael events linked at www.galgael.org (this one now sold out). #COP26

  64. Tea Party, private COP visitors house event, 1700 - 1830, Tue 2 Nov. #COP26

  65. A sharing with XR Interfaith Vigil - Satyagraha: an Interfaith Reflection on Nonviolence - Wed 3 Nov, 0930 - 1030. In-person at the Glasgow Quaker Meeting House is FULL, but register here to attend by Zoom. #COP26

  66. Climate Change and the Survival of Being: a sharing between me and the Rev Kathy Galloway of the Iona Community. Themed around a talk that Raimon Panikkar gave 31 years ago at the same venue that influenced my writing of Riders on the Storm: The Climate Crisis and the Survival of Being. Hosted by The Centre for Human Ecology, McLeod Hall, Pearce Institute, Govan, Glasgow. Wed 3 Nov, 1900 - 2100. Register here for either Eventbrite in-person or Zoom online. COP26

  67. How to Hold a Meeting for Clearness: Personal spiritual discernment for climate action after COP 26 (1 of 3 options, see also 7th & 8th Nov). A free training workshop led by me and my wife Véréne Nicolas. Live at Glasgow Quaker Meeting House and live-streamed by Zoom with break-out practice groups. Thu 4 Nov, 0930 - 1300 (GMT/UTC). Zoom recording here. #COP26

  68. Speaking on The Global Imperative of Community Land in Tackling Climate Change in "Dùthchas: Our Land, Everyone’s Future", the opening of an exhibition by Community Land Scotland with Land Rights Now, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, 1600 - 1800, Thu 4 Nov. Listen to recording here (I'm on from about 1:07 hrs in, but the preceding is great stuff on modern Scottish land reform). #COP26

  69. The University of Edinburgh's and Stanford's Compassion Symposium at COP 26, speaking on a panel with Karine Polwart & Anthony Reddie on Fierce Compassion: How shall we name injustices and address global suffering?Fri 5 Nov, 1345 - 1415 (and full event running 1000 - 1800), Playfair Library, Edinburgh. Public viewing online, details t.b.a. #COP26

  70. Speaking at showing of The Moon and the Sledgehammer with director Philip Trevelyan, Whiteinch Shipyard, Glasgow event 1730, Fri 5 Nov, Glasgow, t.b.c.. #COP26

  71. En français - How to Hold a Meeting for Clearness: Personal spiritual discernment for climate action after COP 26 (2 of 3 options, see also 4th & 8th Nov for English language). A free training workshop led by my French wife Véréne Nicolas with me assisting, but otherwise all in French. Sun 7 November, 1400 - 1700 French time (CET), 1300 - 1600 UK time (UTC/GMT), 0800 - 1100 Canada etc. time (EST). In partnership via Zoom with French Quakers at Congenies. La vidéo Zoom est ici. #COP26

  72. Delivering A Sixteenth Century Irish Sermon on COP 26 (or something similar) at The Irish Pages with the Centre for Human Ecology,with leading arts figures and launches of The Anthropocene & Ben Dorian, live Irish & Scottish music. Event runs through the afternoon 1400 - 1900 but with The Sermon to finish them off from about 1800. Probably Zoom blended, McLeod Hall, Pearce Institute, Govan, Tickets here. #COP26

  73. How to Hold a Meeting for Clearness: Personal spiritual discernment for climate action after COP 26 (3 of 3 options, see also 4th & 7th Nov). A free training workshop led by me and my wife Véréne Nicolas. Live at Glasgow Quaker Meeting House and live-streamed by Zoom with break-out practice groups. Mon 8 November, 1400 - 1800 (GMT/UTC). Zoom recording here. #COP26

  74. Climate Science and Community Empowerment: Melanesia, Indonesia and Scotland, a discussion with Maria Latumahina (of West Papua Province, Indonesia), Adrian Wells (of Seventy-Three, England) & Sharon Inone (of the Solomon Islands COP 26 delegation), followed by workshops. Centre for Human Ecology, McLeod Hall, Pearce Institute, Govan, Glasgow. Tue 9 Nov, 1000 - 1200. Zoom recording here. #COP26

  75. Inverclyde Libraries talk - Riders on the Storm: Where now from COP 26? - in-person at Gourock library, 1700 - 1830, Tue 9 Nov. Watch video here, with guest Maria Latumahina of Papua, Indonesia (sound gets good after 46 mins). #COP26

  76. Managing the technology for my wife Véréne Nicolas's workshop on nonviolence, patriarchy and liberation: 1000-1200 Wed: in-person register here, or by Zoom register here.

  77. Tea Party, private COP visitors house event, 1700 - 1830, Wed 10 Nov. #COP26

  78. Tea Party, private COP visitors house event, 1700 - 1830, Thu 11 Nov. #COP26

  79. Western Isles Libraries talk - After COP 26: What makes the Western Isles a Climate Beacon? -  1630 - 1800, Tue 16 Nov.. Watch video here. #COP26

  80. Public lecture to Mayfield Salisbury Parish Church Eco Group, Human Calling After COP26, 1900 - 2030, Sun 28 Nov, Eventbrite registration here. #COP26

  81. Sharing (2 of 2) with students at the College of Charleston, South Carolina, around Soil and Soul, 1600, Mon 29 Nov., by Zoom.

  82. BBC Radio Scotland Thought for the Day, broadcast 0720ish, Tue 7 Dec, (preparation previous day).


As this year continues to see Covid uncertainty, I can offer Zoom facilities for up to 500 participants. I  also have portable equipment for my events to offer blended meetings with excellent speaker & audience audio and wide-angle audience camera.


  1. BBC Radio Scotland Thought for the Day, broadcast 0720ish, Tue 11 Jan 2022, (preparation previous day).

  2. Public talk to the Jewish Cultural Centre and Edinburgh Interfaith Association, Together for our Planet: What we are called upon to do?, 1930-2100, Thu 20 Jan 2022 (postponed due to new Covid restrictions) Salisbury Centre, Edinburgh, Zoom blended (details t.b.a., and I'll ensure the sound is good).

  3. Keynote speaker to archivists & curators at Green Spaces of Care, National Museum of Wales, 1045, Mon 24 Jan 2022, by Zoom, details t.b.a..

  4. Talk on Climate Change and the Farther Reaches of Human Nature, The Scientific & Medical Network, 1930, Wed 2 Feb, details t.b.c..

  5. Keynote talk and workshops at Festival of Unitarians, The Pilgrimage of Life, 19 - 20 Feb, (by Zoom).

  6. BBC Radio Scotland Thought for the Day, broadcast 0720ish, Fri 25 Feb, (preparation previous day).

  7. The Pilgrimage of Life at the Quaker Westerly Gathering, Crianlarich, Sat 12 Mar, 1000 - 1700.

  8. Diocese of Manchester, An Evening with AM, Author of Riders on the Storm, Mon 14 Mar, 1930 - 2100, all welcome, free, Eventbrite register here.

  9. Taking the GalGael Trust participants to Iona, Fri 18 to Sun 21 Mar.

  10. Sharing in a conference - Experiencing a Changed World: How Are We Being Reshaped? - at the Woodbrooke Quaker Centre, Birmingham, morning of Sat 27 Mar, by Zoom.

  11. BBC Radio Scotland Thought for the Day, broadcast 0720ish, Wed 4 May, (preparation previous day).

  12. BBC Radio Scotland Thought for the Day, broadcast 0720ish, Thu 23 Jun, (preparation previous day).

  13. Keynote address to business conference, Susanna Wesley Foundation, University of Roehampton, London, Wed 29 - Thu 30 June, details t.b.a .

  14. Leading workshops and keynote address at Nordic Quakers Yearly Meeting on the theme Seeking a Quaker Spirituality for Our Times, Gottenberg, Sweden, Thu 30 June - Sun 3 Jul, details t.b.a..




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